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If you are looking for an affordable and powerful cable TV Service, then look no further! GEARSTVPRO offers an affordable and powerful alternative to traditional cable TV.

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Start your own IPTV Business Today with GEARSTVPRO

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We have the Best IPTV RESELLER Program on the Internet!!

Welcome to the Gears IPTV Reseller Program, were offering you the opportunity to start your own IPTV Business, you’ll get your own website and back office to track all your sales with our our automated system. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for you to start reselling our Gears IPTV Service to your friends, co-workers, family, etc. Once enrolled, your website goes live and you can start distributing this unique service right away. We offer over 300 channels and have the most reliable IPTV Services on the Internet!!

Gears TV PRO Reseller Features


No need to buy and create accounts for your referrals (we do it for you)

You can check your sales stats any time in your reseller back office!

 24/7 Ticket Support

    Start your Gears IP TV Business for under $50

        Payment methods: Our system is integrated with all Major Credit Cards

Month to Month (you may cancel at any time)


That’s $5 per account activated!

You make $1 Commission on your 2nd level referrals

You make $1 Commission on your 3rd level referrals

You make $1 Commission on your 4th level referrals

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Compensation Plan

Gears IPTV Sales To Customers

Gears IPTV Team Sales

Note: All commissions are paid weekly by check.

You make $20 per month on all Reseller Subscriptions directly referred by you.

Refer 3 Resellers and your Business is in the $GREEN!!

You make $5 per month on all your 4th level subscriptions

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Residual Income From Downline

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You make $5 per month on all your 3rd level subscriptions

Earn residual income each time your customer renews their account  each month.

You make $5 per month on all your 2nd level subscriptions